Our Vision

To be a company recognized for its dedication to customer service while meeting the stair and railing demands of the construction industry.

Our Mission

  • To be leaders, and innovators within our industry.
  • To inspire change within ourselves, as well as the customers we serve.
  • To have a “find a way” approach to our work−a “can do” attitude.

Company Profile

As builders of high-end stair & railing systems for over 30 years, we strive to provide the finest materials and most unique designs−both traditional & modern−worldwide.

Amber’s Core Values

  • Leadership

    To challenge & empower young leaders in order to develop and nurture the present & build a better future.

  • Trust

    To communicate constantly and, most importantly, with honesty to develop a high level of trust within our organization−employees and customers included.

  • Integrity

    The cornerstone upon which our passion and culture are built.

  • Humility

    We understand that we are not always right but we view shortcomings as opportunities for growth in our constant pursuit of excellence.

  • Respect

    To respect our customers & our colleagues for all of their differences, as well as his or her unique qualities.

  • Belief

    We are here to make a difference in our industry and community by executing at the highest standards−both professionally and morally.